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by Chris Bystroff , Vesteinn Thorsson , and David Baker

Server developed with help from Yu Shao and Kirsten Piotrowski
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Single sequence in 1-letter code. PDB format. Use PSI-BLAST to generate alignment. Use a low-complexity filter.
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Multiple sequence alignment file in HSSP FASTA Clustal SAF format:

Optional chain identifier:

Output options:
A multiple sequence alignment in SAF format (only if using PSI-BLAST). example
Sequence names and weights used for generating the sequence profile. example
A set of multiple, predicted fragments sorted by confidence. example
A set of predicted backbone angles and confidences based on linking fragments. example
A one-dimensional prediction of backbone angle (phi/psi) regions based on linked fragments. example
A prediction of 3-state secondary structure, backbone angles and context symbols using HMMSTR.   example
A set of 3D coordinates in PDB format, generated using ROSETTA. example

===========EXPERT SETTINGS===========

Method to use: Use PHD + I-sites example Use I-sites ONLY
HMMSTR model to use: C
Maximum e-value for PSI-BLAST:
Window size for SEG filter:
Low-complexity cutoff for SEG filter:
Ignore I-sites shorter than in fragment prediction report.
Minimum allowed percent identity for inclusion in profile :
Minimum allowed confidence of fragment prediction:
Number of parent sequence in an input multiple alignment (usually 1) :
Look for a homolog of known structure using Psi-Blast (non ab-initio prediction!):
Label :
Number output coordinates starting from:


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