Earth Day 2020 videos

Video 1 : Or the Swirling Gyre This in an anthem to plastic. Repurpose or refuse. It's the least you can do. With Chirs Jensen.
Video 2 : Paradise Paradise is the story of a town that was destroyed by coal mining. Dave MacLeod and Debbie Reep sing. Written by John Prine.
Video 3 : Bach This is JS Bach's "Ich Ruf zu dir Jesu Christ" BWV 639 for organ. Played on overdubbed violas.
Video 4 : Carol of the Bells Overdubbed violas. Arrangement of Carol of the Bells for 4 violas (3 alto, 1 tenor) by C. Bystroff
Video 5 : Christmas Trio Composed by Anton Boktor, based on Christmas tunes.

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